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Relax. Your podcast marketing problems? We've got that. Sonoday brings all your sponsorships together in one place. It's easy search, communication and advertising for a modern medium.
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Podcast Marketing Success Story
Want to know how SevenCooks increased website traffic and awareness for their new app?

What Podcasts Say About Us

"Sonoday helped me find a great and suitable sponsor for my podcast. Due to the uncomplicated and professional cooperation I can absolutely recommend Sonoday."
Satte Sache Podcast
"The collaboration with Sonoday worked out great. The sponsor was very well suited to my content and my target group, which is very important to me."
Vamily Podcast
"Sonoday helped connect us with a sponsor that made a lot of sense for our audience. They were a great business partner and really know their way around the podcasting world."
Unnamed Automotive Podcast
"Thanks to Sonoday, we were able to win relevant sponsors for our show without additional effort. Highly recommended for other podcasters!"
VeggieWorld Podcast

We’re on a mission to make your podcast life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive

Sonoday is in limited preview release with select Brands and Podcasts.
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