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A Tasty App Creates Buzz With Podcasts

How SevenCooks increased traffic and awareness for their new app with podcasts.

Podcast Campaign Highlights

With their very first podcast marketing campaign, SevenCooks saw the following results:
+44% search volume
for their website
+26% search volume
for their landingpage

A Weekly Planner App for Hasslefree Cooking

SevenCooks is an online recipe platform with a focus on vegetarian, vegan and sustainable kitchen.

As a user, you will find plenty of inspiration for cooking, thanks to thousands of tasty recipes, packed with preparation instructions and nutritional values for each meal.

On top of their tasty-looking recipe platform, they offer something truly special to their community: Their brand-new SevenCooks Weekly Planner App, which answers the question “What do I cook this week?”.

The app automatically creates individualized meal proposals for a whole week, based on user preferences, needs and diets.

Additionally, it comes with neat features, like the automated grocery shopping list which you can integrate in your favorite apps and many more.

After its recent launch, the challenge for Chantal, who works as Junior Marketing Manager at SevenCooks, was to generate buzz for their new digital product.

Meet Chantal!

Chantal is the Junior Marketing Manager of SevenCooks and responsible for most of their marketing activities.

In her daily work-life she crunches numbers and conversion rates, always striving to find the most efficient channel for their brand.

She manages SevenCooks' Google Ads, Instagram and also the AppStore campaigns.

For her, quality is valued over quantity when it comes to traffic generation. Not an easy mission nowadays.

Marketing Challenge:
How to create buzz for an app?

Within Chantal's marketing team (5 in total), they already wrapped their heads around the uprising channel podcasts.

They were thinking about both:

  • publishing their own SevenCooks podcast, as well as
  • doing advertisements in relevant podcast shows.

Since their resources are limited (we all know how that feels), they decided to start with advertising in existing podcasts.

This is when Chantal’s podcast marketing challenge began.

Researching through 700,000 podcast shows, and then identifying plus communicating with suitable ones is a highly manual and therefore time-consuming process.

Time, she and her marketing team simply do not have.

Yet, to decide which podcast shows to sponsor, she needs some crucial information. Speaking of:

  • price per episode,
  • cost-per-listener (CPL),
  • reach per episode,
  • availability for her campaign,
  • and some more.

However, this media data is not public. So how to proceed?

Getting set up with Sonoday

This is where Sonoday’s marketplace for Podcast Ads supports Chantal in her goal to generate high quality buzz for the new app.

Sonoday enables her to easily identify and book advertisements in suitable podcast shows to reach her target group.

Thanks to smart filter options, she can do the screening and selection of matching shows within minutes.

Moreover, she finds all important media data of the podcast shows in one central place - Sonoday’s marketplace.

Now she has everything she needs to select suitable shows to promote the planning app on and thereby generate awareness among potential customers.

Successful awareness campaign with podcasts

Chantal literally experienced the impact of her campaign soon after.

She got approached by several people while representing SevenCooks at a food fair, telling her they heard about SevenCooks in their favorite podcast just last week.

This impressed her and once again proves the power of podcast ads.

In addition to the successful awareness acceleration, Chantal also converted a bunch of podcast listeners to new customers.

As a result, she saw a traffic increase for SevenCooks’:

  • homepage by +26% and
  • +44% for the app’s landingpage.

Unnecessary to tell that Chantal was absolutely happy with the outcome of her first, and surely not her last podcast campaign for SevenCooks.

Bonus - Podcasters voices: “Right after publishing the episode I received messages from my listeners who were delighted by SevenCooks’ Weekly Planner” - Katharina, Podcast Host at Natürlich Gesund

The Sonoday Experience

We asked Chantal how she would summarize her experience with Sonoday. Here is her answer:
“As a start up we strive for innovative and contemporary marketing activities. Sonodays enables us to expand our strategic marketing in a new efficient and purposeful way, we can reach our audiences exactly where they stand and meet their interests.”
Chantal, SevenCooks

So what do you say?

Are you thinking about podcasts as a new opportunity for quite some time now already, like Chantal and her team did?

Let's talk about Podcasts!

And find a way how to find the perfect voices for your brand, too!
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