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With podcasting, you are on the right track

Golden Age of Podcasts
Podcasts finally came to stay. Every third individual on earth listens to a podcasts at least once a month, making it one of the fastest-growing media channels.
Your content gets heard all over the world and inspires whole communities. Keep on inspiring!
When producing your podcast, think about a short introduction to an interesting company within your field of interest or expertise. Since it’s you who records sponsor’s message with your personal touch, your listeners are likely to love it, too!

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Add your podcast to Sonoday’s marketplace. Simply describe your show, determine the ad slot you are offering and set your price.

It will take you no longer than 10 minutes to be able to receive your first booking-request!
Get Requested
Once your podcast show is listed, sponsors can find and request you. You receive all relevant information for the sponsor's campaign.

But most importantly, it is up to you whether you want to collaborate with them, or not.
Get Paid
Once you’ve agreed to work with a sponsor and published your episode with the ad in it, your money will be transferred straight to your bank account.


About Sonoday

At Sonoday, we believe that podcasters create great and inspiring content. And we believe that great content should give something back to its creators. Based on these believes, we are building the first open marketplace for podcast sponsorings.

Sonoday enables you to publish more of your awesome content to inspire communities around the world!
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