Leverage the Power of Podcasts for Your Brand

With Sonoday’s marketplace you can master one of the fastest growing marketing channels for your brand - Podcasts!

Reach out to your target group while they are open for new information and endorsements.

Podcasts as the next big thing for marketers

The golden age of audio has arrived. Every third individual on earth listens to podcasts at least once a month. Additionally, it has never been easier to consume audio content on the way to work or while doing the chores. The adoption and broad popularity of podcasts can bring your marketing activities to the next level.

Why run podcast advertising?

We assure the most authentic podcast advertisement experience.
When a host reads your ad, they leverage the trust that they have established with their listeners over time, applying it to your brand.
Seamless Integration
Podcasts ads are native and integrated seamlessly into the show.
High Engagement
Listeners are highly engaged with host-read ads, because there's no commercial cut which trained us to ignore what's coming next.

Benefits for your marketing

Podcast listeners follow their favorite shows closely and sympathize strongly with the podcast hosts.
As a result, they are more engaged as with any other digital medium out there.
The podcast hosts describe your ad piece in their own words. This way listeners actually listen to the host-read endorsements because there is no commercial cut.
Above average ROI
Podcast marketing generates up to 4.4x better brand recall than other digital ads. Making it one of the most effective, but still undiscovered marketing channels.

Podcast Marketing Success Story

Want to know how SevenCooks increased website traffic and awareness for their new app?
Sonoday is a great advantage for us, because it enables us to expand our portfolio for our customers.
torpedo motor – design and marketing agency
As a start up we strive for innovative and contemporary marketing activities. Sonoday enables us to expand our strategical marketing in a new efficient and purposeful way - we can reach our audiences exactly where they stand and meet their interests.
This could be you. Become a part of Sonoday and leverage the power of podcasts for your brand!

Your way into podcast marketing

Adhering to your schedule, we have streamlined the process of mastering podcast marketing into three easy steps:
01 - Filter
Select from a long-list of podcast shows and narrow it down to the most suited podcasts, filtering for topic, demographics, price and many more.
02 - Request
Analyze the CPMs of podcasts in regard to your budget, listen to their audio samples and request only those shows which fit best to your campaign.
03 - Book
Once the podcasters accept your request, you have provided the necessary campaign information as well as your call-to-action and voila - your ads are now live and being heard by thousands of engaged listeners.
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Catch up with the new digital audio era and try the marketing channel that will matter the most!